Hosted at

34th International Conference
on Massive Storage Systems
and Technology (MSST 2018)
May 14 — 16, 2018

Sponsored by Santa Clara University,
School of Engineering

Since the conference was founded by the leading national laboratories, MSST has been a venue for massive-scale storage system designers and implementers, storage architects, researchers, and vendors to share best practices and discuss building and securing the world's largest storage systems for high-performance computing, web-scale systems, and enterprises.

Hosted at
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA

Invited Track Speaker

Kent Blancett, BP

Kent graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Since that time, he worked for Conoco for 10 years then moved to Amoco which later merged with BP at the end of 1998. He has primarily worked in upstream related IT functions with a couple stints in corporate IT. Kent participated in the design process for a new data center and led the systems team which planned and executed the move-in strategy that resulted in a 3 hour outage for the cutover. While not being directly in the upstream business, Kent has always been in close contact with user groups to understand how and why they use computers the way they do so he can propose alternative ways of getting work done that is less problematic for computer systems.

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