IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society

May 6th — 10th, 2013
The Queen Mary
Long Beach, CA

MSST 2013 Speaker

Brent Gorda, Intel

Brent Gorda

Brent Gorda has a long background working in the High Performance Computing Community in technical and management roles. While at LLNL, he held the US GovĀ¹t contract with IBM for the BlueGene P/Q series of systems resulting in the Sequoia computer at LLNL. In 2010, Brent started up a company called Whamcloud to focus on the Lustre file system. Lustre is the file system used on Sequoia at 55 PBytes formatted capacity running Lustre at over 700 GB/s throughput.

Whamcloud was acquired by Intel in July of 2012 and Brent currently runs the High Performance Data Division as a business unit involved in high performance I/O activities.

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