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Sponsored by the IEEE Mass Storage Systems
Technical Committee
IEEE Computer Society

April 16 — 20, 2012
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA

MSST 2012 Speaker

Henry Newman, Instrumental

Henry Newman
Limits of Scalability for Large Archives

The expectation of archival data is that what you put is what you get out, and that performance is completely scalable no matter which archival software is used. There are limits to the scalability of data integrity, based on hardware construction and CRCs and ECC. POSIX I/O standards have not changed in years and, with technologies such as parallel file systems and clustered file systems, metadata scaling becomes a bottleneck for many file systems. This talk will cover the realities of the current environment and how expectations are often not well understood by management, and will comment on why some are working around the current standards.

Henry Newman has over thirty years of advanced systems architecture and performance analysis expertise in solving the most complex challenges for customers in government, scientific research, and industry. His experience includes hardware and software requirements analysis and design; file system and HSM design and optimization; system performance analysis and optimization; storage system architecting; high-performance networking; capacity planning; and hierarchical storage management, with a focus on high-performance computing and complex Linux, UNIX, and Windows environments.

Mr. Newman has been with Instrumental, which he helped found, since 1992 and is the CEO/CTO for the company. Prior to joining Instrumental, he worked at Cray Research in a variety of capacities for eleven years; his last position was International Technical Support, responsible for performance and tuning issues.

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