IEEE Computer Society


Sponsored by the IEEE Mass Storage Systems
Technical Committee
IEEE Computer Society

April 16 — 20, 2012
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA

MSST 2012 Speaker

Dave Fellinger, DataDirect Networks

Dave Fellinger
Exploring Efficiencies in Data Reduction, Analysis, and Distribution

The growth of data sets present a challenge in executing the steps required to deliver usable information to researchers. Constraints in network bandwidth and service layers dictate a need for a new approach in large scale data distribution. A processing architecture will be presented which allows a researcher to request raw data through a filter or an analysis library. This technology, operating directly on the storage device, will enable the reduction of service latency and process cycles to enable a more efficient feedback loop in iterative scientific experiments.

Dave Fellinger brings over thirty years of experience in engineering including film systems, ASIC design and development, GaAs semiconductor manufacture, RAID and storage systems, and video processing devices. He has architected high performance storage systems for the world’s fastest supercomputers. Mr. Fellinger attended Carnegie-Mellon University and holds patents in optics, motion control, video processing, and pattern recognition.

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