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26th IEEE (MSST2010) Symposium on Massive Storage Systems and Technologies

Presentations and Papers
for SNAPI, KMS, and MSST

IEEE Computer Society

SNAPI 2010
6th IEEE International Workshop on
Storage Network Architecture and Parallel I/Os

Chair, Toni Cortes, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Storage in an Exascale World
Rob Ross
Taking Advantage of SSDs
Chair, Peter Sobe, University of Luebeck, Germany
FASTer FTL for Enterprise-Class Flash Memory SSDs
Sang-Phil Lim, Sang-Won Lee and Bongki Moon (Paper)
Enhancing Checkpoint Writing with Staging IO and SSD
Xiangyong Ouyang, Sonya Marcarelli and Dhabaleswar Panda (Paper)
NAND Flash Based Disk Cache Using SLC/MLC Combined Flash Memory
Seongcheol Hong and Dongkun Shin (Paper)
Metadata management
Chair, Yifeng Zhu, University of Maine, USA
hashFS: Applying Hashing to Optimize File Systems for Small File Reads
Paul Lensing, Dirk Meister and André Brinkmann (Paper)
Wofs: A Distributed Network File System Supporting Fast Data Insertion and Truncation
Cheng-Chia Wang and Yarsun Hsu (Paper—not presented)
BabuDB: Fast and Efficient File System Metadata Storage using LSM-Trees
Jan Stender, Björn Kolbeck, Mikael Högqvist and Felix Hupfeld (Paper)
Chair, André Brinkmann, Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, Germany
ZBD: Using Transparent Compression at the Block Level to Increase Storage Space Efficiency
Thanos Makatos, Yannis Klonatos, Manolis Marazakis, Michail D. Flouris and Angelos Bilas (Paper)
Parallel Reed/Solomon Coding on Multicore Processors
Peter Sobe (Paper)
XCo: Explicit Coordination for Preventing Congestion in Data Center Ethernet
Vijay Shankar Rajanna, Smit Shah and Kartik Gopalan (Paper)

KMS 2010
Key Management Summit

Welcome (Video)
Matt Ball, Oracle
Introduction to Key Management (Video)
Landon Noll, Cisco Systems
Key Management In Hostile Environments (Video)
Marc Massar, Semtek
Interoperable Key Management using the OASIS KMIP Standard (Video)
Subhash Sankuratripati, NetApp
IEEE SISWG P1916.3 Key Management Workgroup (Video)
Walt Hubis, LSI Corporation
Transitioning of Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes (SP 800-131-Draft 2) (Video)
Allen Roginsky, Elaine Barker, NIST
A Draft Framework for Designing Cryptographic Key Management Systems (Video)
Miles Smid, Orion Security, Elaine Barker, NIST
National Security Agency Perspective on Key Management (Video)
Petrina Gillman, NSA
A survey and low-level comparison of network based symmetric key distribution architectures (Video)
Benjamin Gittins, Synaptic Labs
Oracle Storage
Jennifer Feng, Oracle
Enterprise Cryptographic Key Management Realities and Issues (Video)
Anthony J. Stieber, Wells Fargo
Practices and Difficulties of key management on the credit card market (Video)
Fabian Martins, Crosscut Consulting / FIAP University
Updating Shannon's Maxim (Video)
Jay Jacobs, Target
A Maturity Model for Enterprise Key Management (Video)
Chris Kostick, Ernst & Young
IETF Key Management Activities (Video)
Russ Housley, Vigil Security
Internet Engineering Task Force Provisioning of Symmetric Keys Working Group (Video)
Hannes Tschofenig, Nokia Siemens
Rapidly improving Cybersecurity with a new global IdM/CKM design that does not rely on PKC (Video)
Benjamin Gittins, Synaptic Labs
Federated Key Management for Secure Cloud Computing (Not Presented)
Luther Martin, Voltage Security

Massive Storage Systems and Technology (Tutorials)

Overview and Introduction to Clouds and Data Grids
Patrick Dreher, Reagan Moore
New Initiatives in Cloud Computing – Library of Congress NDIIP Program
Leslie Johnston
Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet: Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Information
and a National Conversation on Digital Preservation
(BRTF Report)
Elizabeth Cohen, Ann Kerr
Integration of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage
Patrick Dreher
Policy-based Data Management
Reagan Moore

Massive Storage Systems and Technology

Chair, Ben Kobler
The Crisis in Massive Storage
Bill Kramer, NCSA
Science Driven Data Management
Chair, Jamie Shiers
Weather Radar Data Services at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center
Steve DelGreco, NCDC
Worldwide Production Distributed Data Management at the LHC
Brian Bockelman, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Storage Challenges for LSST: When Science is Bigger than your Hardware
Jeff Kantor, Arun Jagatheesan, LSST
PANEL: National Scale Infrastructure Development
Chair, Reagan Moore
EU Data Management Initiative
Jamie Shiers, CERN
TeraGrid Data Infrastructure
Chris Jordan, University of California
US DoD HPC data grid
Constantin Scheder, General Atomics
PANEL: Data Management Challenges
Chairs, Reagan Moore, Jamie Shiers
Building a Robust Platform for Large Scale Distributed File Systems
Brent Welch, Panasas
The BlueWater's FileSystem/Archival System at NCSA
Michelle Butler, NCSA
Data-Intensive Solutions at SDSC
Mike Norman, SDSC
Trusted Repository Certification – Challenges of Scale
David Giaretta, STFC
Facilitating a Data-Rich Computational Environment at the OLCF
Galen Shipman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Vendor Session
Joe Rotiroti
Exascale Data
Chair, Mark Gary
Massive Data Storage in the New Hollywood
Robert Eicholz, EFilm
Simulation Driven I/O and the Exascale - an LLNL perspective
Mark Seager, LLNL
CERN data archive: Operational Challenges while going to Exa-Scale
Vladimir Bahyl, CERN
Cloud Storage and Standards
Chair, Dan Duffy
Storage Challenges in NASA's Nebula Cloud Computing Platform
Joshua McKenty, NASA/Ames
Ocean Observatories Initiative
Matt Arrott, UCSD (not presented)
Long Term Information Retention Format SNIA LTR TWG
Don Post, IMERGE Consulting
PANEL: Emerging technologies
Chair, Jim Finlayson
Solid State Storage for File Systems
Roger Haskin, IBM
Application Aware Intelligent Storage
Sorin Faibish, EMC
Jay Wylie, HP
Extemporaneous Talks
Chair, Jamie Shiers
DICE Parallel File Systems Benchmarking and Evaluation
Paul Buerger, Avetec
Meeting Demands of Big Data in HPC
Jim McKinley, Spectra Logic
Data Access in HEP
Ricardo Brito da Rocha, CERN
Replacing the SSD with Better Code
Brian Bockelman, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2010 IEEE Reynold B. Johnson
Information Storage Systems Award

Description of Award
The Power of the Bit-Infinity
Moshe Vanai, IBM (Camera Video, RAMAC Video)

Massive Storage Systems and Technology (Research Track)

Michael Factor, IBM Haifa Research Lab
An Adaptive Partitioning Scheme for DRAM-based Cache in Solid State Drives
H. Shim, B. Seo, J. Kim, S. Maeng (Paper)
High Performance Solid State Storage Under Linux
E. Seppanen, M. O'Keefe, D. Lilja (Paper)
Achieving Page-Mapping FTL Performance at Block-Mapping FTL Cost  by Hiding Address Translation
Y. Hu, H. Jiang, D. Feng, L. Tian, S. Zhang, J. Liu, W. Tong (Paper)
Security and Reliability
Block Storage listener for detecting file-level intrusions
M. Allalouf, M. Ben-Yehuda, J. Satran, I. Segall (Paper)
Flat XOR-based erasure codes in storage systems: Constructions, efficient recovery, and tradeoffs
K. Greenan, X. Li, J. Wylie (Paper)
S2-RAID: A New RAID Architecture for Fast Data Recovery
J. Wan, J. Wang, Q. Yang, C. Xie (Paper)
File System
Security Aware Partitioning for Efficient File System Search
A. Parker-Wood, C. Strong, E. Miller, D. Long (Paper)
The Linear Tape File System
David Pease, Arnon Amir, Lucas Villa Real, Brian Biskeborn, Michael Richmond, Atsushi Abe (Paper)
The Hadoop Distributed File System
K. Shvachko, H. Huang, S. Radia, R. Chansler (Paper)
Energy Efficiency and QoS
Leveraging Disk Drive Acoustic Modes for Power Management
D. Chen, G. Goldberg, R. Kahn, R. Kat, K. Meth (Paper)
Energy and Thermal Aware Buffer Cache Replacement Algorithm
J. Yue, Y. Zhu, Z. Cai, L. Lin (Paper)
Mahanaxar: Quality of Service Guarantees in High-Bandwidth, Real-Time Streaming Data Storage
D. Bigelow, S. Brandt, J. Bent, H. Chen (Paper)
Disk and Memory Recording Technology
A Content-Aware Block Placement Algorithm for Reducing PRAM Storage Bit Writes
B. Wongchaowart, M. Iskander, S. Cho (Paper)
Design Issues for a Shingled Write Disk System
A. Amer, D. Long, E. Miller, J. Paris, T. Schwarz (Paper)
Indirection Systems for Shingled-Recording Disk Drives
Y. Cassuto, M. Sanvido, C. Guyot, D. Hall, Z. Bandic (Paper)
Higher Level Access
MAD2: A Scalable High-Throughput Exact Deduplication Approach for Network Backup Services
J. Wei, H. Jiang, K. Zhou, D. Feng (Paper)
Enabling Active Storage on Parallel I/O Software Stacks
S. Son, S. Lang, P. Carns, R. Ross, R. Thakur, B. Ozisikyilmaz, P. Kumar, W. Liao, A. Choudhary (Paper)
Exporting Kernel Page Caching for Efficient User-Level I/O
R. Spillane, S. Dixit, S. Archak, S. Bhanage, E. Zadok (Paper)
Short Papers
A Study of Self-similarity in Parallel I/O Workloads
Q. Zou, Y. Zhu, D. Feng (Paper)
BPAC: An Adaptive Write Buffer Management Scheme for Flash-based Solid State Drives
G. Wu, B. Eckart, X. He (Paper)
Automated Lookahead Data Migration in SSD-enabled Multi-tiered Storage Systems
G. Zhang, L. Chiu, C. Dickey, L. Liu, P. Muench, S. Seshadri (Paper)
Delayed Partial Parity Scheme for Reliable and High-Performance Flash Memory SSD
S. Im, D. Shin (Paper)
Deferred Updates for Flash-Based Storage
B. Debnath, M. Mokbel, D. Lilja, D. Du (Paper)
dedupv1: Improving Deduplication Throughput using Solid State Drives (SSD)
D. Meister, A. Brinkmann (Paper)
Red: An Efficient Replacement Algorithm Based on REsident Distance for Exclusive Storage Caches
Y. Zhao, N. Xiao, F. Liu (Paper)
A Performance Model and File System Space Allocation Scheme for SSD
C. Hyun, Y. Oh, E. Kim, J. Choi, D. Lee, S. Noh (Paper)
Observations made while running a multi-petabyte storage system
M. Santos, D. Waldron (Paper)
Write Amplification Reduction in NAND Flash through Multi-Write Coding
A. Jagmohan, M. Franceschini, L. Lastras (Paper)
Disk-Enabled Authenticated Encryption
K. Butler, S. McLaughlin, P. McDaniel (Paper)
Scalable Storage Support for Data Stream Processing
Z. Sebepou, K. Magoutis (Paper)

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